How to reach Albert Hall Museum

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Metro :

  • Step 1: Locate the nearest station on the Pink Line (Mansarovar – Badi Chaupar).
  • Step 2:¬†Choose your station strategically:
    • Chandpole: The closest station, offering a short and scenic 1.5 km walk or a quick auto rickshaw ride to the museum entrance.
    • Choti Chaupar: Provides access to the City Palace complex, allowing you to combine cultural immersion with your museum visit. Take a short walk towards Ram Niwas Garden from the exit.
  • Step 3: Purchase a metro token or utilize your travel card for a convenient ride.
  • Step 4: Board the train towards Badi Chaupar and settle in for a comfortable journey.
  • Step 5: Disembark at your chosen station, anticipation buzzing for the museum visit.
  • Step 6: For Chandpole station, follow the signs or ask security personnel for directions towards the museum entrance. You can choose to walk or hail an auto rickshaw for a quick ride.
  • Step 6: For Choti Chaupar station, explore the vibrant City Palace complex before strolling towards Ram Niwas Garden, where the museum awaits.

Bus :

  • Step 1: Identify your location and use the Jaipur City Transport Service (JCTS) website or bus stop information boards to find routes serving Ram Niwas Garden. Look for buses displaying “Ram Niwas Garden” or “Albert Hall Museum” on their destination boards.
  • Step 2: Hail a bus with the desired destination or patiently wait at the designated stop.
  • Step 3: Inform the conductor about your stop near the museum to ensure a smooth disembarkation.
  • Step 4: Disembark at your stop and follow the signs or ask for directions towards the museum entrance.

Train :

  • Step 1: If arriving in Jaipur by train, board a connecting metro (refer to “Metro Marvel” guide) or bus (refer to “Bus Buzz” guide) to reach the museum.

Private Transport :

  • Drive On: Utilize GPS or familiar roads to navigate towards the museum, located within Ram Niwas Garden.
  • Step 2: Be mindful of traffic, especially during peak hours, and consider parking options in the designated areas within the garden complex.
  • Step 3: Park your vehicle and embark on a short walk towards the museum entrance, excitement building.
  • Ride On: Sit back and relax while someone else takes the wheel by hailing a taxi or booking a ride-hailing service like Uber or Ola.
  • Step 2: Clearly communicate your desired destination as “Albert Hall Museum, Ram Niwas Garden” to the driver for a direct route.
  • Step 3: Enjoy the sights of Jaipur as you approach the museum, ready to delve into its historical treasures


You can use any of the above transportation modes to reach albert hall museum hassle-free.

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