How to reach India Seashell Museum Tamil Nadu

In this article, you will know step by step guide to reach india seashell museum tamil nadu.

Let’s start the journey…

Road :

  • Starting Point: If you’re arriving in Tamil Nadu by car, easily navigate to the museum using GPS or familiar roads. The museum is located at Annamalai University Road, Parangipettai, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu 608502, India.
  • Parking: Parking is available within the museum complex for your convenience.

Public Bus :

  • Identifying Your Route: Several buses ply routes towards Parangipettai, the town where the museum is located. Consult online platforms like redBus or state transport corporation websites to find buses serving Parangipettai or the India Seashell Museum. Popular routes include Chennai – Parangipettai (via Pondicherry), Chidambaram – Parangipettai, and Cuddalore – Parangipettai.
  • Boarding and Disembarking: Board a bus mentioning your desired destination or nearby landmarks like Parangipettai Beach or Annamalai University. Inform the conductor about your stop near the museum and disembark accordingly. Look for signboards or ask for directions if needed.

Train :

  • Reaching Parangipettai: The nearest railway station to the museum is Parangipettai Railway Station. Several trains connect major cities like Chennai, Chidambaram, and Villupuram to Parangipettai.
  • Reaching the Museum: From Parangipettai station, you can hire an auto rickshaw or taxi to reach the museum, approximately 2.5 kilometers away.


You can use any of the above transportation modes to reach india seashell museum tamil nadu hassle-free.

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