How to reach Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum New Delhi

In this article, you will know step by step guide to reach indira gandhi memorial museum new delhi.

Let’s start the journey…


  • Locate the nearest station on the Blue Line or Yellow Line. The closest station is Teen Murti Marg, conveniently situated right next to the museum.
  • Disembark at Teen Murti Marg station and follow the signs towards the museum entrance, a mere few steps away.

Public Bus:

  • Identify your location and consult the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) app or bus stop information boards to find routes serving Teen Murti Bhavan or Prithviraj Road. Look for buses mentioning these destinations or nearby landmarks.
  • Board a bus displaying your desired destination.
  • Inform the conductor about your stop near the museum and disembark accordingly.
  • Follow signs or ask for directions towards the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum entrance on Prithviraj Road.


  • Hail a taxi or book a ride-hailing service like Ola or Uber.
  • Clearly communicate your destination as “Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum, Prithviraj Road” to the driver.
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights of Delhi as you approach the museum, anticipation building.

Private Transport:

  • Navigate using GPS or familiar roads to reach the museum located on Prithviraj Road.
  • Be mindful of Delhi’s traffic, especially during peak hours. Parking options are available within the museum complex or on nearby streets.
  • Park your vehicle and stroll towards the museum entrance, excitement building.


You can use any of the above transportation modes to reach indira gandhi memorial museum new delhi hassle-free.

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