How to reach Mehrangarh Fort And Museum

In this article, you will know step by step guide to reach mehrangarh fort and museum

Let’s start the journey…


  • Jodhpur Airport (JDH):
    • Pre-booked taxi/cab: Inform the driver about your destination.
    • Prepaid taxi: Choose the Mehrangarh Fort option at designated counters.
    • TNSTC bus: Board towards the fort or Jodhpur Bus Stand, followed by an auto-rickshaw.


  • Jodhpur Junction Railway Station (JU):
    • Auto-rickshaw: Negotiate a fare and clearly state your destination.
    • TNSTC bus: Head towards the fort or Bus Stand, then take an auto-rickshaw.
    • Taxi: More comfortable, especially with luggage. Inform the driver about your destination.


  • TNSTC routes: Consult their website or bus stop boards for routes serving Mehrangarh Fort or its vicinity (e.g., Route 1, Route 10).
  • Disembark: Walk towards the fort (10-15 minutes) or take an auto-rickshaw from the nearest stop.


  • Haggle for a fair price and state your destination clearly.
  • Renting a bike/scooter: Ensure you have a valid license and comfortable gear.
  • Navigate using GPS/familiar roads: Parking is available near the fort for a fee. Remember Jodhpur’s traffic, especially during peak hours.


You can use any of the above transportation modes to reach mehrangarh fort and museum hassle-free.

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